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A project of the Ocean Acidification Network

What can carbon policy do for the ocean and our fisheries?

Ocean acidification and ocean warming are growing concerns of coastal Alaskans and the seafood industry.

The Future Ocean is a 6-episode podcast to support engagement in clean energy solutions.

The podcast is an informational discussion about changing ocean conditions and what it means to put a price on carbon emissions as a tool to accelerate renewable energy infrastructure and drive down carbon emissions.

Exploring Ocean Acidification and the Connection Between Acidification, Ocean Warming, and Harmful Algal Blooms
Marine scientists engaged in ocean acidification research and monitoring harmful algal blooms talk about what they are studying in Alaska. Length: 25 minutes

Ocean Warming: Our Fisheries and the Scientific Advice to End Global Carbon Emissions
As carbon emissions are building up in the atmosphere, the ocean is absorbing and storing much more heat, transforming Alaska’s oceans before our very eyes. We discuss scientific advice to sharply reduce carbon emissions. Length: 27 minutes

Welcome to Carbon Pricing: How to account for the social cost of carbon
Guest economists discuss what it means to put a price on carbon emissions as a tool to wring fossil fuels  out of the economy and accelerate the emerging transition to renewable energy. Length: 24 minutes

What is Cap and Trade? Learn about California and Washington State
This episode explores the cap and trade model with a focus on California and Washington State. Special attention is focused on a fatal flaw in the use of carbon offsets as a component to cap and trade systems. Length: 25 minutes

What is a Carbon Fee or Carbon Tax? Learn about bills in Congress
A carbon fee or tax offers an approach to carbon pricing represented in multiple bills in Congress. This episode features the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Length: 26 minutes.

Energy Transformation in Alaska: Turning our oil wealth into clean energy
This episode is a deep dive into Alaska’s transition to renewable energy, including innovations taking place in rural Alaska and opportunities for renewable energy along the railbelt. Length: 24 minutes.