Data Management

The goal of the AOOS Data Assembly Center (DAC) and Data Management subsystem is to acquire, archive and share marine data and information products to meet the needs of Alaska stakeholders and the national IOOS program. The subsystem is governed according to the Alaska Ocean Observing System Data Assembly Center and Data Management Subsystem Plan.

Data Management Services

Axiom Data Science is contracted to provide data management for AOOS with the goal of increasing the accessibility, reuse, and impact of scientific data.  Axiom has developed advanced cyberinfrastructure to support observing systems and large-scale research programs using data management systems, intuitive web-based data portals, and scalable solutions for handling high-volume, heterogeneous scientific and engineering data. This cyberinfrastructure was first used operationally in 2009 to function as the DAC system provider for AOOS. Today this cyberinfrastructure has expanded to support a spectrum of federal, university, and NGO partners operating in oceanographic, atmospheric, ecological, renewable energy, and human use disciplines.