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2024 planned research vessel movements in Alaska

Apr 12, 2024

R/V Sikuliaq navigates Chukchi Sea ice. Photo by Seth Danielson.

The 2024 Planned Research Vessel Movements list is now available on the IARPC Collaborations website. This community-driven resource compiles the details for upcoming and ongoing research activities in Arctic and Alaska waters during the 2024 field season. The aim of this webpage is to promote collaboration and coordination between researchers, as well as to provide awareness and communication pathways for local and Indigenous communities who may be impacted by these research activities.  

In addition, the IARPC Field Operations, Marine Ecosystems, and Sea Ice Communities of Practice are pleased to co-host the 2024 Pre-Field Season Meeting on April 24, 2024 from 1-3p ET/ 9-11a AKT. This meeting is open to federal and non-federal partners, researchers, local and Indigenous community members, and anyone else interested in the 2024 research season. It will be recorded and made available on the IARPC YouTube channel and website. To join live, please register here (you will need an IARPC Collaborations account to do so). You can contact field.operations@iarpccollaborations.org with any questions.