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Marine Weather Dashboards and new mobile app

May 1, 2024

Prince William Sound marine weather app displayed on a smartphone.

The AOOS data portal offers displays of maritime conditions so that users can easily access this information in real-time. The data are from multiple sources, such as the National Weather Service and the Marine Exchange of Alaska, and include tide predictions, temperature, barometric pressure, water levels, wind speed and gusts, and wave height and direction.

Developed for desktop computers, Marine Weather Dashboards currently display real-time data and forecasts specifically for the the five regions listed below.

AOOS is also in the process of developing mobile-friendly versions of the Marine Weather Dashboards. The Marine Weather App is available now for Prince William Sound and can be accessed with a QR code and installed on a smartphone by clicking on the menu and selecting “Install App.”  The other four regions will be added to the app soon.

The Weather Dashboard for the Prince William Sound region displayed on a desktop computer