Lower Cook Inlet Buoy Back in Action!

The Lower Cook Inlet wave buoy is now back up and providing critical wave data in real-time! The buoy was damaged beyond repair after going adrift early in the morning of May 26,2021 and needed to be replaced. AOOS asks … Read More

Lower Cook Inlet Buoy Goes Adrift

The Lower Cook Inlet wave buoy is temporarily out of commission after going adrift early in the morning of May 26,2021. The buoy is expected to be replaced and back in commission by mid-July 2021… Read More

Alaska Marine Policy Forum – June 16

Each month, the Alaska Ocean Observing System and Alaska Sea Grant host a one-hour conference call with participants across the state interested in marine policy in Alaska.  Join us to hear the latest about marine funding, legislation, and state and … Read More

2021 Yukon River Chinook Run Timing Forecast

Yukon River Chinook are predicted to arrive on the delta slightly later than average in 2021. The first significant pulse (15% point) is expected by June 15th and 50% of the run is expected to have arrived by June 23rd. … Read More

Bering Sea Crabbers Discuss OA

On May 26, members of the Bering Sea crabbing industry met with researchers to discuss the latest science on ocean acidification and climate as it relates to crab in the region.… Read More

The Oceans are Blooming

As the days get longer, and the waters warm up, spring algal (phytoplankton) blooms, both harmful and not harmful, are starting to make their annual appearance around Alaska.… Read More

Research Cruise Status

Research Cruise Status In light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, we want to inform the community about research cruise status changes. Institutions and organizations are closely monitoring guidelines issued by the CDC, State of Alaska, and local governments to … Read More

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