Ecosystems Projects Observations Seward Line Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Observatory Chukchi Ecosystem Observatory Prince William Sound Ocean Tracking Network Data Products and Tools Alaska Blob Tracker Yukon River Chinook Run Timing Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Ecosystem Portal Related Projects Alaska … Read More

Coastal Hazards

Coastal Hazards Projects Observations Monitoring Water Levels and Space Weather Using Global Positioning Satelitte (GPS) Receivers Western Alaska Storm Models Central Beaufort Sea Wave and Hydrodynamic Modeling Study Data Products and Tools Alaska Water Level Watch

Marine Operations

Marine Operations Projects Observations Increasing Weather Observations with AIS Ice Detection Buoy Kodiak Wave Buoy Prince William Sound Sentinel Climate & Weather Observations Data Products and Tools Alaska Historical Sea Ice Atlas AIS for Reporting Arctic Charting Cook Inlet Response … Read More

Kachemak Bay/Cook Inlet Alaska Oceanographic Monitoring

Kachemak Bay/Cook Inlet Alaska Oceanographic Monitoring The Need Measuring oceanography and plankton in lower Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay helps scientists and resource managers understand how changing environmental conditions affect species injured by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill and coastal ecosystem … Read More

Kodiak CDIP Wave Buoy

Kodiak CDIP Wave Buoy Location of Data The Need Waves are a critical factor in all shore processes, including sand transport, and beach erosion. They also can play havoc in coastal communities and stress coastal infrastructure, especially during storms. Wave … Read More

Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Portal

Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Portal Location of Data The Need The Cook Inlet beluga whale was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 2008. The most recent abundance estimate from 2018 is 269 animals, down from the 2016 … Read More

Lower Cook Inlet Wave Buoy Finally Re-Deployed

Great news for Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay mariners!  The Lower Cook Inlet Wave buoy is back online! Offline since May due to dead batteries, the original buoy was successfully recovered by C&C Salvage on July 31, 2020, and a … Read More

Alaska Marine Policy Forum

Alaska Marine Policy Forum Join us for the Alaska Marine Policy Forum conference call, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant and Alaska Ocean Observing System. Every other month we host a one-hour conference call with participants across the state interested in marine … Read More

Arctic Initiatives Specific to Alaska

Arctic Initiatives Specific to Alaska North Slope Science Initiative Alaska Marine Ecosystem Forum Memorandum of Understanding NOAA Alaska Regional Collaboration Team

Alaska Science Oversight Groups

Alaska Science Oversight Groups Arctic Council Arctic Ocean Sciences Board US Arctic Research Commission Arctic Research Consortium of the US U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP)  Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee International Arctic Science Committee National Science Foundation Office of … Read More

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