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New Mariner’s Dashboards

Jun 27, 2022

Check out our new Mariner’s Dashboards for Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, and Kodiak! These dashboards were created to help provide the real-time weather and other information relevant to mariners in a simple and fast display. We started with these three regions (Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, and Kodiak) and are planning on adding new regions in the future. We’re also working on making these more mobile-friendly.

We are also interested in hearing your feedback! Let us know:

  • Are the dashboards missing important features or information? Let us know what those are! 
  • Are there features that are included in these dashboards that you don’t like?

Email prewitt@aoos.org with any feedback, questions, comments. Or use the red “Feedback” button on the top right corner of the dashboards.