About The Future Ocean Podcast

A project of the Ocean Acidification Network

About the Podcast

Ocean acidification and ocean warming are growing concerns of coastal Alaskans and the seafood industry.

The Future Ocean podcast is an informational discussion with marine scientists, economists, and leaders in Alaska’s clean energy transition. We explore what is happening to the ocean and what it means to put a price on carbon emissions, one policy tool to accelerate development of renewable energy infrastructure and drive down carbon emissions. Experts discuss what the policy options are, how they work, what the terms mean, and what action is happening regionally and nationally.

The Future Ocean was produced in 2021 and is a project of the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network

Ocean acidification and ocean warming share the same root cause: increasing carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

The Future Ocean podcast was funded in part by Alaska Ocean Observing System, Sitka Salmon Shares, The Claudia and Stosh Anderson Fund, Deborah Williams, and Mary Kancewick. The podcast was produced by Dorothy Childers and Maggie Wall. We appreciate the generosity of our guest experts and reviewers.