2018 Field Season Photos from Foggy Island Bay

Research Vessels Used for Ocean Going Activities

16m vessel well-suited for work in the region and is equipped with an articulating A-frame with a 2,000 lb. capacity winch with 450 meters of cable and a 6” deck mounted capstan winch. The UAF multibeam transducer was mounted to the port-side gunwale of the Ukpik

The M/V Leeway is a 11m x 4m Catamaran used during the September 24th -26th 2018 cruises, to retrieve moorings and to access the shore-based met-station. Captain Heather Ronek operated the Leeway for the duration of the cruise.

Meteorological (weather) site photos, Foggy Island Bay – These data are streaming real-time on the project data portal.

Field Deployments

Dr. Jeremy Kasper and Research Engineer Nicholas Konefal deploying one of the oceanographic moorings.

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