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Fishermen log ocean data with smartphone app

May 19, 2023

Skipper Science LogoThe Skipper Science Partnership enables fishermen to log marine weather, oceanic conditions, fishing patterns, and biological observations while they are at sea. To do so, they use a smartphone app that works regardless of internet access. Every season, the data is compiled into a report that is shared with policy makers and fisheries managers working to bolster the resilience of fisheries during climate change.

Skipper Science involves many public, private, and tribal organizations. The partnership empowers fishing communities and builds trust between scientists and fishermen. AOOS supports workshops where members of Skipper Science discuss climate-related conservation challenges. AOOS is also backing the implementation of a community-based monitoring program aimed at serving as an early warning system for climate trends and shifts in ecosystems.

CONTACT: Thomas Farrugia, farrugia@AOOS.org