Ocean Acidification Posters at the 2019 Alaska Marine Science Symposium


Due to the government shutdown, not all authors and posters were present at this year’s symposium. We encourage you to check out the posters and get in touch with the authors with questions.



Ocean acidification does not affect embryo development, hatch success, or calcification in snow crab (Poster PDF)
Authors: Robert Foy, Chris Long, Katherine Swiney (Kodiak Laboratory, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center)





Coastal surface ocean CO2 dynamics revealed by underway measurements from an Alaskan ferry (poster PDF)
Authors: Wiley Evans (Hakai Institute), Geoffrey Lebon (JISAO/NOAA), Christen Harrington (Alaska DOT), Allison Bidlack (Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center)





Ocean Acidification Research: Using Observations and Models to Support Alaska’s Blue Economy (poster PDF)
Natalie Monacci (UAF OARC), Jessica Cross (NOAA PMEL), S. Musielewicz (NOAA PMEL/UW), Wiley Evans (Hakai Institute), Darren Pilcher (NOAA PMEL), Jeremy Mathis (UAF OARC).




Ocean acidification variability in Kachemak Bay Alaska (poster PDF)
Authors: Kris Holderied (NOAA Kasistna Bay Lab), James Schloemer (Kachemak Bay Research Reserve/UAA), Kimberly Schuster (NOAA Kasistna Bay Lab), Steve Baird (Kachemak Bay Research Reserve/UAA), Dominic Hondolero (NOAA Kasistna Bay Lab)






Nearshore high-frequency pH dynamics in Kachemak Bay, Alaska (poster PDF)
Authors: Amanda Kelley (UAF-OARC), Cale Miller (UC Davis)




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