Shellfish and Phytoplankton Testing Facilities

The following facilities offer phytoplankton identification and testing for shellfish and phytoplankton toxicity.  Please contact the lab directly to make arrangements.  Information on each lab is available by clicking the organization name.

HAB Testing and Research Laboratories

Lab Contact Name Phone Email
AK Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Patryce McKinney (907) 375-8206
Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research (SEATOR) Chris Whitehead, Esther Kennedy, Kari Lanphier, Meredith Redick (907) 966-9650
Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBNERR) Rosie Robinson & Alice Rademacher (907) 235-4797
NOAA-Wildlife Algal-toxin Research and Response Network for the US West Coast (WARRN-West) Kathi LeFebvre (206) 302-2454
NOAA NCCOS/Beaufort Lab Steve Kibler (252) 728-8737
USGS Alaska Science Center Matt Smith, Sarah Schoen, Caroline Van Hemert (907) 786-7184, (907) 786-7467, (907) 786-7167
SUNY- ESF Greg Boyer, Dave Kiemle (315) 470-6825,
Analytical Response Team of the NCCOS HAB Monitoring & Reference Branch (Charleston, SC) Tod Leighfield; John Ramsdell (843)-460-9693; (843)-460-9700

NOAA NCCOS/Kasitsna Bay Lab (UAF page) Kris Holderied,
Dominic Hondolero
(907) 235-4004
(907) 590-2149
NWFSC Marine Biotoxins Program
Vera Trainer (206) 860-6788


HAB Testing by Lab

Toxin and Test DEC SEATOR KBNERR WARRN-West NCCOS USGS SUNY-Boyer Available for Contract
Mouse bioassay x DEC ($125/sample)
RBA x x SEATOR ($50/sample)
ELISA x x x x x SEATOR ($50/sample)
HPLC x x x DEC ($125/sample)
Microscopy x x x SEATOR ($25/qualitative sample)
Field Test Kits x
Domoic Acid/Pseudo-nitzschia
Mouse bioassay
ELISA x X x x SEATOR ($50/sample)
HPLC x x
LC-MS x DEC ($100/sample)
Microscopy x x SEATOR ($25/qualitative sample)
Field Test Kits x
Mouse bioassay
LC-MS(/MS) x x
Microscopy x
Field Test Kits

Key: RBA = Receptor binding assay; ELISA = Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography; LC-MS = Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry; QPCR = Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction


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