Alaska Marine Science Symposium to feature 5 OA talks

Each year, the Alaska Marine Science Symposium attracts hundreds of researchers, coastal managers, students, educators, and interested Alaskans to share and learn the latest knowledge. The 2019 symposium runs Jan 28-Feb 1 and will be held at the Captain Cook Hotel. Full agenda and registration can be found here.

This year, a record number of presenters will be speaking about ocean acidification.  Below is the preview.

Tuesday, January 29

8am: Influence of ocean acidification and climate change on the biogeochemistry in the Gulf of Alaska: A regional modeling study

Claudine Hauri, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Scientist interview with Claudine 


8:15am Impact of elevated, variable pH on the Pacific razor clam in Alaska

Marina Washburn, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Scientist interview with Marina


9:15am: Examining the effects of ocean acidification in Alaska bivalves of subsistence importance

Ashley Rossin, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Scientist interview with Ashley


Wednesday, January 30

8am: Impact of local biogeochemical processes and climate variability on ocean acidification in the Bering Sea

Darren Pilcher, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab/JISAO

Scientist interview with Darren


10am: Effects of ocean acidification on snow crab larvae: Carryover effects from embryogenesis and oogenesis reduce direct effects on larval survival

Chris Long, NOAA AFSC, Kodiak Laboratory


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